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What's New

Shady Game, the artistic work of José Miguel Rojas González

Shady Game offers a comprehensive approach to the artistic work of José Miguel Rojas González. This exhibition has been built around three cores: No Echo in Another Body , The Face of Violence and The Subverted Image, which give us a reading of how the artists develops his work based on the analysis of various political, religious, social and interpersonal situations. Read More

Exhibition of the New Family of Banknotes

Can you imagine burying the dead under daily items? Aside from layers of stone, our pre-Columbian predecessor's burial pits were covered in metates (mealing stones), axes, pottery and ceramic bowls left as offerings, broken in what is known as “ceremonial pottery killings.” Production of tripod bowls predominated in this practice, and many others. Read More

Pre-Columbian Bowls Bring Funerary Rituals Back to Life

The current family of banknotes will no longer remain in the confines of banks, businesses, private collections and the pockets of countless citizens. The Exhibition of the New Family of Banknotes will feature the wealth and diversity of its motifs. Research on these banknotes, which were issued three years ago, has resulted in this exhibit, highlighting the sources chosen for the design of each note. Read More

Point and Counterpoint Exhibition:
30th Anniversary of Plaza de la Cultura

How was the complex building process that gave birth to Plaza de la Cultura arried out? What architectural and constructive features make it stand out in the eyes of experts? The answer to these and many other questions can be found in the latest exhibition by the Museums of the Central Bank, Point and Counterpoint : 30th Anniversary of Plaza de la Cultura, on the third level. Read More

Building of the Museums of the Central Bank of Costa Rica Recognized as One of the World's Best in the 20th Century

Amid celebrations of its 30th anniversary, the building that houses the Museums of the Central Bank of Costa Rica (including Plaza de la Cultura) was selected by the British publisher Phaidon Press Limited as one of the world's 800 best buildings constructed between 1900 and 1999. Read more.

A+N Architecture in Costa Rican Numismatics

Government buildings, banks, churches, universities, adobe houses and cities have been featured in Costa Rican coins and banknotes dating back to 1860. What has made Costa Rican architecture such a frequent feature of these numismatic objects? Read more.

Pre-Columbian Gold Museum Wins 2012 Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence Award

Earning a 4.5 rating, the Pre-Columbian Gold Museum ranked among the best tourist sites in Costa Rica, according to the world-known travel web site Trip Advisor. Read more.